John Scheid
I'm the artist and general director of the comic. Gypsies is a really important story for me, because its pseudo-autobiographical, in several respects. On the surface level, Vaghi's design was obviously a reflective characterization of myself, except, you know... better looking Italian. haha
However, on a deeper level, I was raised to think of myself as a gypsy, and in the past couple years, came to really accept and appreciate what that means. I know the word "gypsy" often has negative connotations along with it, but I see gypsies in a far more glamourous light than they're normally given. To me, gypsies are a solid, independant cell of society who are strong enough depending upon each other that they don't need or want a stationary home.

Gypsies are an image of freedom to me, and I hope I'm able to translate that emotion to you, the reader, through my work on the comic :D

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e-mail: worbl AT lycos DOT com
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Joshua Marston
Iím the guy that sits in a chair and stares at a blank wall for about 15 minutes before exclaiming ďOH! THATíS FUCKING AWESOME!Ē and scribbling something that is ridiculously NOT awesome on a piece of notebook paper. I run about 80% of the story design (without me this whole thing would be about Vaghi finding this chick and running away with her.) and, even though I continuously spout out horrid story ideas, about every tenth one is usually alright. But what can I say? Thatís what a writer does.
I am perfectly willing to say that John pretty much runs the show here, but I am also willing to say that without me heíd be running it into quicksand.
William is based on myself (how did you know!) in both relative physique and impersonal attitude. He is a reasonably attractive guy, but at the same time kinda ugly. His most attractive feature is his willingness to listen and his moral standards that, despite leaving his place of comfort, he carries tightly. However, no matter how tight his bag of morality may be shut, he canít help but to be always open minded to all things presented to him.

Oh, yeah, and we both totally have ĎFros.

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e-mail: necronlover AT yahoo DOT com
AIM: serzggh
YIM: necronlover